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These Ruote – 69mm 80a


 55IVA inclusa 45,08Senza IVA

Prodotto Colore:
Rosso, Nero.
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These Ruote – 69mm 80a

Introducing the ATF series from these™ wheels. We designed a custom injection molded, fiber reinforced, high rebound, Polyurethane hub that bonds incredibly well to our outer urethanes. We then wrapped them with ATF 317 translucent white and ATF 327 in red, green, yellow, black and white. The ATF series is now available in 66mm and 69mm centerset wheels. these™ ATF’s are the smoothest, longest lasting wheel in its class.


these wheels All Terrain (push/ride/slide) (centerset) ATF (317/327) 66mm 80a/82a Injection Molded, fiber reinforced, high rebound, Polyurethane hub (4pack)


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